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Our services

What we love to do

We love creating agile brands,that’s why we bring together branding and ownable experience design for our clients. Green Flag Branding Solutions, as a team have all right tools and experience to carve your BRAND.

Brand Design

Accelerating statups by building powerful brands

Web Marketing

Building strategy,crafting and executing effective and custom online campaigns

Brand Activation

Assisting brands to engage consumers and communicate their brand culture

Media Sales

Exploring, developing, experimenting and selling innovative media options

How we do it

Activating the power of the brand.

what are your goals and how do you plan on achieving them? it all starts with your plan.
what resources, skills, time and money you are able to commit to the process?
what's going on- with your business, trends, the marketplace and your competition?
what you have been doing- your brand, its health and your marketing initiatives
whatever needs your help! your strategy, brand components, identity and marketing.
the needed tools to achieve your goals- identity, content, brand and marketing collateral.
bring your brand to market through strategy implementation.launch &media buys
On going management of your strategy, marketing, budgets and your brond's health
track your ROI with quarterly and annual reassessments to know what's working and what's not
Our references

What we done so far

Whatever we do, big or small, creative or activation; one thing is common: our passion! We love to show our passion off; have a look….

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We are proud of these numbers

These numbers are the less known facts about Green Flag Team, our numboosters!!

60 Happy Brands
300 Completed projects
5000 Idea Shared for 'FREE'
20 000 Coffee drinks
About Us

Who we are

Green Flag Branding Solutions (P) Ltd. is South India's leading brand management and brand communication agency that help businesses to develop, nurture and launch as a brand. Brand Management is a science and we always go forth by being creative and experimenting with our marketing and branding strategies. We want to invent new ideas not new rules. Green Flag creates experience marketing and build relationships. We are intangible asset for our clients, helping them to build and educate new audiences, promote their products and create bonds with consumers through innovative experimental, social and promotional marketing.

Our Vision

As a BRAND manager our vision is to provide 360 degree support to the client in making their BRAND noticeable, positioning of the asset (BRAND) in the desired segment, BRAND activations for direct consumer interactions and mind mapping of target audience and sharing the internal R&D reports on market, specific industry and competitive BRANDS.

In short, One Stop Solutions for MARKETING, BRANDING and EVENTS.

Our Mission

When you discover your mission, one will feel its demand. It fills the person with enthusiasm and the burning desire to get to work on it. As a brand builder, the mission with whom we have been charged is simple: positioning the asset (BRAND) of our clients at the right place and a right time so that quality of the BRAND along with our innovative ideas, passion and products will create magic in this highly competitive globalized market.

Our Focus Area

With 'Hamper' of services, it is necessary to define our wavelength. Results are not going to come over night, but day by day, year by year - and through the creative thinking, effort, determination and the passion within.









Our clients

Who love to work with us

Our distinctive lateral way of thinking allows us to capture the essence of each brand we work with. We then portray it in a fresh and exciting way to create memorable, high-impact formulas.

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.

Albert Einstein

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Walt Disney

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin
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Yipeee!! you have landed at www.greenflag.in safely. Now to boost up your BRAND, join our great team or just for a coffee you can reach us with below options

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117, 2nd Floor, Brigade Main Road, Opposite Show Off Showroom, Bangalore, India- 560025

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contactus@greenflagdeals.com , marketing@greenflagdeals.com

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+91 888 00 66664 (IVR),
+91 998 63 66664 (MKT.),
+91 900 82 66664 (EVENTS)

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