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Brand Launches and Campaigns

Once the brand script or story is ready, the brand manager looks out for storytellers who can effectively identify the consumers, engage consumers with the brand story & establish a connection and share the engagement story again with the brand manager.

We are the storytellers!

We help brands and start-ups to engage consumers and communicate their brand story, innovative product & services and most important- Brand culture. In a simple way, we connect with consumers and brand audiences at every possible touch points via apartment activation, mall activation, brand activation at tech parks and offices, road shows, locality based activations at supermarkets, retail stores, joggers park, gym, baby stores, juice shop, medical stores and coffee shops.

We help brands and start-ups reaching every nook and corners of a locality via apartment branding, co-branding at local stores, pole boards, co-branded traffic and society boards, apartment specific brochure distribution, newspaper ads, car and bike tagging, human chain and eco-friendly mobile bike branding. We assist for city based branding via bus branding, auto branding, mobile canters, drone activity, bike rally, radio ads, hoardings and pole medians.

With consumers touching more than ten media types prior to a purchase, brands must ensure that they are strategically represented locally, where the PURCHASE activation happens!

  • School Activation Test drive

    School & College Activation

  • Branding Activity

    Co-Branding Activation

  • Exhibition

    Trade Show & Exhibition Management

  • Activation

    Mall Activation

  • Activation

    Product Experience at Apartments

  • Branding

    Road Shows

  • School Launch

    School Launch & Event Marketing

  • Social Initiative

    Social Initiative

  • Launch activity store

    Mall & Store Launch

  • Supermarket

    Supermarket & Wet Sampling Activation

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